Not my drama…and that makes me happy

Sitting here with my ADHD friend who talks 90 miles an hour and skips from one subject to another. As I type, she has gone through Tony Robbins, then to her “friend with benefits” who she no longer likes, (yeah right) and then to the low down on who is sleeping with who…to, I think I’m gonna lose 50 lbs. and run a marathon. Oh dear god. She talks like my brain thinks, but tonight I can’t do anything but nod and smile. I half ignore her as my thoughts drift off to “will I ever have a date again?”… Then to, “I miss my ex”, back to, “maybe I should try dating”. She asks me what i think. I have no idea where I began ignoring her. All I say is “drama”, and she nods in agreement. One word sums it all up. But hey, it isn’t my drama, and that makes this lesbo happy.